The Bus Ministry - Books and Audio

All About the Bus Ministry
by Wally Beebe (Author)
Title says it all.... a bus ministry and how to get it started and keep it going! Although dated, info is still great!

Bus Ministry Masterpieces (MP3 Album)
Sword of the Lord Ministries
Hear timeless messages from men who were committed to growing their church bus ministry outreach programs

Bus Ministry Resources

Church Growth Through the Bus Ministry (Church Growth Series)
by Pastor Jeff Fugate (Author)
In this book, Dr. Fugate shares with you the lessons learned from decades of successful bus ministry. You will find ways to avoid pitfalls that have damaged bus ministries, and there is also help on how to recover if these pitfalls have already been experienced. Strategies that have been proven successful and fruitful are laid out so that any size church can start or build their outreach for souls and experience Church Growth Through the Bus Ministry.

How to Start a Bus Ministry
by Charlie Collins (Author), Amy Collins (Editor)
Learn how to start and maintain an effective bus ministry! Topics included are: strategies, planning, preparation, marketing, safety, discipline, tips, troubleshooting, and forms. This is a must-read book if you are interested in starting a bus ministry or outreach program at your church. The author, Charlie Collins, and his family have been involved in bus ministry since 2008. During this time, they helped to start bus ministries at multiple churches. In 2015, they founded Roll To Church. Roll To Church is a non-profit ministry designed to help churches start bus ministries in order to reach their communities for Christ. Over the years, they have had many successes and failures, learning from each one along the way. Bus ministry sounds like a simple concept. However, without the proper training and preparation, long-lasting damage could be done to the church and the community's perception of the church. The Collins family sincerely hopes that this book will be a valuable and informative resource to those desiring to start a bus ministry.

Pastoral Care
Bus Ministry Manual
Many churches have bus ministries, some are successful and others are not. Before starting a bus ministry, there should be consideration, prayer, and planning given to this huge undertaking. Not every church should have a bus minsitry. As a convenience, we have provided an outline that can be helpful in your planning, operations, and whether a bus ministry is right for your church.

The First Bus Ministry
Sword of the Lord Ministries
This printed sermon which focuses on the passage from Luke 5:17-20 and 25 was delivered at the National Bus Convention in 1977 at the First Baptist Church of Ruskin, FL. Wally Beebe also used the title of, "Where Were You When the Roof Came Off?" for this popular message.

The Miracle Of The Bus Ministry
by Ray Young (Author)
Start a new bus route and have 40 in attendance on the first Sunday. • Double or triple your attendance in one week on a "Big Day." • Increase your average attendance by 40 percent within six weeks. • Learn methods that will cause riders to come. –

The Second Man
Sword of the Lord Ministries
"The Second Man" is an encyclopedia of information on how to be a church music director, religious education director, assistant pastor, associate pastor or any kind of "second man" on the staff of a local church. The senior pastor and the entire church staff will discover needed documentation for building strong relationships and successful ministries. Some of the topics are: duties of the second man, qualities of an effective second man, preaching, the music ministry, weddings and funerals, visitation, invitations, the jolly sixties, counseling and relationship with the pastor. The late Dr. Beebe served as the "second man" for six different pastors and was also the senior pastor of three churches. He authored sixteen books and was the longtime editor of "Church Bus News.
The book is not about the bus ministry, but it was written by Wally Beebe.

The Soul Winning Bus Ministry
Bible Believers
The material contained in this manual was generated over a number of years as I taught a course on the bus ministry at Trinity Baptist College. Eventually I bound these lectures in manual form for the students. Almost every week of the year I have pastors, bus directors and bus workers call from all areas of the country wanting information on some area of the bus ministry. With the advent of e-mail, I also have questions come regularly that way too.

Welcome to the Bus Ministry
Sword of the Lord
The goal of this booklet is to prepare the reader to be successful in the greatly needed bus ministry. Whether you are just getting started in the work or have worked in it for a number of years, here is instruction that will help you do it right—which will lead to the harvest of souls God promised in Psalm 126:5, 6.