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YesHEIs is a video-sharing app you can use to start a conversation with your friends, family, colleagues, and others about Jesus Christ. This app is a good evangelism and witnessing tool. YesHEIs features videos about God and faith. These videos are designed for sharing with others who don’t know Jesus Christ. You can choose which one to send to your friends to start a conversation about Jesus.

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Today’s generation sharing the Gospel online
“The YesHEis app and social media community have been created to help Christians share their faith online. CV creates great content that inspires, interests, and engages people and most importantly, presents the Gospel.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

What is yesHEis?
By Nathan Spicer
“YesHEis is more than just a Christian-video-sharing tool. YesHEis is changing the culture of evangelism by mobilising Christians across the globe to be proactive in starting conversations about Jesus with their friends and family.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

yesHEis app — a tool to help you share Jesus
“It’s challenging to share one’s faith in an increasingly secular society, so Christian Vision has produced an app to help Christians talk about Jesus. Everyone loves hearing good news. Whether it’s the birth of a child, students passing their exams, friends getting engaged, or family members landing a new job.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

YesHEis - Sharing Jesus Online
By David Ould
“I’m always looking for useful and effective ways to share Jesus with others so it was a real delight for me yesterday to be introduced to yesHEis… It’s obviously going to appeal to some more than others, but before you dismiss it why not try it out for yourself?” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

PodBean has a list of yesHEis video reviews. You can watch these video clips and share them to your friends. You can also download these video clips for offline viewing.


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