Pocket Reference Card or Tract to Use for Evangelism or Soul Winning

13-Point Soul Winning Card
https://dwministries.org/product/13-point-soul-winning-card/ https://dwministries.org/
This 13-Point Soul Winning card is a small laminated card developed by Dr. David Wood to guide you through a simple and proven method of winning friends and family to Christ.

ACTION Little Message
Getting to heaven takes Action. This is a folding business card-sized witnessing material. The message inside presents the gospel in word and color. The back encourages Christian growth.

Children's Soul Winning Card
This laminated 3�5 card will help you lead someone to the Lord with pictures to illustrate the Gospel.

Helps for Converts Soulwinning Card
The size of this laminated soulwinning card is 3.5" x 8". It is helpful especially for new converts.

Soul Winning Reference Card
This soul winning card includes questions, Bible verses, and a prayer that leads a person in receiving Jesus Christ.

SWAT Soul Winning Card
This soul winning card is a great, convenient and confidence-building tool. The soulwinning card contains the main points and verses to the plan of salvation, eternal security, and public profession. This easy-to-read and follow printing is done in full color on a cardstock paper and then laminated to be weather proof, durable, and sharp. The finished product is about 3 1/2? x 5 1/2? to easily fit in your pocket, purse, or New Testament.

Witnessing Cards
With helpful Scripture verses and a list of five fulfilled Messianic prophecies, Victory in Grace's conveniently sized witnessing cards can prove to be a wonderful aid in helping you deliver the clear gospel message in seven simple points.