The Soul-Winner's Handy Guide Book

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The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide is carefully crafted to provide sharp, succinct, scriptural answers to give to “… every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you…” (1 Pet 3:15).

It is to aid the soul-winner in understanding why he believes in what he believes with regard to the vast complexities of issues confronting him today so that he can, in turn, confidently lead another soul to the Lord.

The content of the book includes:

• A brief pictorial presentation of the gospel.

• 40 frequently asked questions and succinct, biblical answers.

• Apt illustrations on salvation and soul-winning.

• The prerequisite, priority and possibility of evangelism.

• The errors of Roman Catholicism.

• A systematically organized plan of salvation.

The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide has been used in churches and bible colleges to raise up spirit-led, competent soul-winners that can meaningfully engage the lost.

This guide is prayerfully written for:

• The Sincere Inquirer of biblical Christianity who seeks to know why there has to be a God and why Christianity is the only way to heaven.

• The Serious Christian who is looking for clear answers to give to the world and the hope it is searching for.

• The Soul-Winning Pastor who is burdened to provide his members a means by which they can engage the lost meaningfully and confidently.